Weekly Schedule

We are committed to continue to offer virtual Sunday School classes and other way you can connect both online and in person. This page will list what activities are happening this week, and how you can join.


8:30 AM In-Person and Online Morning Worship
9:30 AM In-Person and Online Combined Sunday School
9:30 AM Adult Sunday School in Covenant Journey Classroom
10:00 AM College & Young Adult Sunday School in Today's Disciple Classroom
11:00 AM In-Person and Online Morning Worship
6:00 PM In-Person and Online Evening Worship


6:30 PM Romans, Led By Rusty Capps In-Person (Sanctuary) and Online
6:30 PM Hebrews, Led by Pastor Will on Zoom
5:30 PM-7:15 PM Youth Discipleship Group in the Fellowship Hall
7:30 PM Choir Practice